Thursday, January 20, 2005

You ask...What am I up to???

Okay, so you didn't ask, but I'm gonna tell you anyway.

I started working on the tweed shawl pattern from the April 2003 Crochet Fantasy Magazine last night using Blue Mist Wool Ease. This yarn is so pretty. Denim blue with flecks of burgundy throughout. This shawl starts at the top instead of the bottom and seems pretty easy so far. DawnsRays made this and it looked gorgeous. I usually use larger hooks, but this one calls for an "I" hook and thanks to Heather I am using a Takumi Bamboo hook, which glides through the wool-ease.

Yesterday I received a few RAOK packages. One contained the "63 squares" booklet for the Crochet-a-long, so I have to get a couple pounders and get to that.

The other contained 6 skeins of very pretty winter white acrylic yarn that looks like mohair. This will look great combined with some thin chenille.

Thank you both--loved it all............

I really want to start my "Random Acts of Kindness" afghan project, but what's holding me back is winding and arranging my stash. Ahhh, maybe tomorrow.

It's been so cold here I had to crochet my self up a hat. Thank goodness for Dot's UBW hat. It's one of the only hats I can't mess up and works up in like 45 minutes!! Thank you Dot!!

On the felting front, I've decided to use some of this thicker chenille, looks like suede, I received from my Love Swap on Crochetville to make a drawstring/strap. This is still a thought and I have to work out the fine details.

I was going to do a felted hat, but decided to give my hands a rest from the pure wool. From doing the felting all week, my hands are all dried out, like sandpaper. So, the hat will wait til next week.



DAWN said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes for my family (I have two more next month!). I hope that the tweed shawl works up as easily for you as it did for me--you'll love it.

Mitzi said...

I think you'll really like the shawl pattern - I made the same one Winter/2003 and it worked up really nice and it's snuggly warm!

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