Friday, January 14, 2005

Yarn Dream.......I feel so dirty

Well, it finally happened. I had my first yarn dream the other night. I must say, when I read about others having yarn dreams, I thought they were f***ing nuts, perhaps they are, but now I have joined their club. I have to tell you, I feel like an 11 year old boy after his first wet dream, slightly confused, a little dirty, yet wanting to have another................

My Dream
I dreamt I was in a yarn store, must have been AC Moore because the bins looked familiar. Anyway, anyone who reads my posts and blogs knows I have become a real Moda Dea Whore lately, so I'm browsing the shelves and don't really see anything that screams "grab me". I stumble upon a bin in the middle of the aisle. I spot the now familiar Moda-Dea label and dive in. Inside is this funky ass yarn. Looks like chenille pipe cleaners in this funky green with irridescent hightlights. There's also a blue color, but for some reason I am drawn to the green (another perplexing thing, since I'm not crazy about a plain old green color, sage okay, olive okay, plain ole green--nah). Anyway, I grab up a handful of skeins and--now get this, this is what make it a true dream, my husband helps and pays for it!! I also knew it was a dream because I didn't check for lot numbers, just grabbed and filled a basket. Anyway I had no idea what the hell I was gonna make, but I bought this huge ass bag of it. Then I woke up..........

Weird or what???????

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Marvie said...

Nope, not weird. I thought all those yarn dreamers were freakin nuts too.... then I started havin' the damn things. I can't remember any clearly enough now to describe them, but I've had several. One of 'em was something about a design... unfortunately none of it was clear when I woke up lol. Probably woulda been cool though *g*

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