Monday, January 10, 2005

A-Winding We Will Go

First off, I want to say this entire post is about my yarn winder, so..............

I starting using my yarn winder over the weekend. Let me first say, I always rewound everything. RH, Caron, etc. If I didn't, sure enough there was a big ass knot in the middle. Anyway, I took it out, set it up and got ready. My five year old daughter saw me and begged to help. Now, I was kinda in a hurry and had a headache and I reluctantly gave in. We now have some very limp ass balls of yarn,

Then, last night, I took it out again and she begged to help. I told her no firmly. She then told me "how mean I was, how I was supposed to share my toys, how it wasn't fair and when she got old enough, she was going to take my winder and use it herself". Then she begged for another 5 minutes. As always, I gave in (she knows me too well). So together we wound a pound of yarn. I had a little more patience this time and it worked out well. She then announced "when she grows up, she's not gonna crochet, but be a yarn winder". When it was bedtime, I thanked her for helping and she replied "anytime, Mom". Anyway, that's my cute story.

Now to the pro's and cons of a yarn winder (yes, zealots, there are cons)

Pro's: Nice uniform ball of yarn that doesn't roll onto the floor and across the room.
My arms aren't nearly as tired
Done in a matter of minutes
All tangles are out easily
Big cones can be wound as I need them

CONS It only makes a two ounce or so ball. That means for a big project, I have balls of yarn everywhere and have to fasten off often. I like having a big ass ball of yarn, that way I know what I have left, etc.

A skein only takes up about a 3" x 6" space in my stash box(es). These little balls take up about a 10" x 15" (or more)space.

Each ball is not exactly the same. When holding two strands together, I always end up with some scrap from one ball.

I have to do it in private so my daughter doesn't see.

I actually have to pay attention when I'm doing it as far as tension, etc to get all balls uniform. When I wound it in my hand, I could mindlessly do it in the car, while watching TV, etc.

I will now need more stash boxes, much to my husband's chagrin.

When you frog something, you have to rewind the balls.

I'm sure you all will have lots to say about this, so go ahead and let me know your thoughts (be honest girls)

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Marvie said...

Well, for me... I found that the winder balls take up much less space, what I had in three baskets now fits in one. I mostly wound partial skeins and scraps, but I did get different sized balls, depending on thickness of the yarn etc. I thought about windong some full skeins, but didn't want to have to cut them, cuz after winding the half skeins and scraps I was pretty sure it'd take two or three balls for a full skein. I figure I'll use from the skeins for big projects, if they're center pull at least lol. Otherwise I'll suffer the reattaching rather than flopping balls that the cats chase and attack lmao.

As for tension... yeah I had a few loose ass balls at first too, but after doing up nearly a hundred of 'em, I've learned kinda how to hold the yarn so I get nice tightly wound rolls. I can do it without thinking much about it now. I went back and re-wound those first ones lol.

I think it's adorable that your daughter wants to be a yarn winder when she grows up lol. So cute =)


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