Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Where did the day go??

It's 2:30 PM here (EST) and I am wondering where the hell my time went? My dd is sue home from school in 15 minutes and I haven't had "me time" yet. I wound two balls of yarn on the sly from my dd because "she loves winding yarn" and I just wanted it done. I felt so dirty afterwards!!

I checked my e-mail, g-mail, C'ville, eBay; did laundry, changed the bed sheets, and that's it! That took almost 3 hours?????

I need a nap!!!!!!!

Special Happy Birthday wishes to Marvie




Natalie said...

I feel the same way sometimes - it seems like I just got out of bed and it's time for work, then I get home and go to bed!

Thanks for the tip about Oxmoor house!

Marvie said...

Thank you for the bday wishes! {hugs}

I have days like that too. Sucks lol.

LOL about the secret winding.... maybe with enough practice she'll get good enough at it to make it her "job"? Just a thought ;)

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