Saturday, January 29, 2005

What is happening with Crochetville and EZ Board??

I have tried to get to Crochetville since about 7:00 PM EST last night, but it seems to be down. This is just another reason why we should just leave the money behind and start fresh! Donna, the administrator of C'vile has posed the question "should we leave the $162.00 in the community chest behind and just leave now, because we're going to owe more thank that for the next six months?" (or something like that). Lately EZ Board has been giving us nothing but grief, lost EZinbox messages, constant log-ins while reading the posts, not to mention the server being down quite frequently, although this is the longest it's ever been down for me.

I think we should make the move off of EZ Board now. I'm sure there will be some problems with the new site , but there will always be some little problems wherever we are. I just think lately EZ Board has not been so EZ.

This is just my opinion. Please vote under Board Announcements on the Crochetville Board.

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