Saturday, January 22, 2005

What a Crappy Day....Oh Well

What a crappy day. It started off last night around 2:00 AM. My daughter woke up complaining "she couldn't breath through her nose". I slogged downstairs for some Vapor Rub, sincce she won't take any grape flavored meds and that was the only decongestant I had. She went back to bed and I promptly fell back asleep. She came in my room at 7:00 AM pissed that her dad had gone to the grocery store without her. I had to hear a litany about "how he didn't wake her, etc." My husband gets home from the market at 9:00 AM and goes to turn the hot water on in the kitchen, no hot water (but water was coming out of the cold). We check all the water and there's no water coming out of the hot water side in the downstairs bathroom or kitchen, but it is coming out of the washer, bathtub in the downstairs bathroom, everything upstairs.

Okay, he checks the basement and the water conditioner pipe has a small leak and has been misting all over. That isn't the cause of the no hot water, but now a new nuisance has popped up. We can't override the water condition, so we wrap the leak in a towel and tape it temporarily. In the meantime, it's snowing like hell out. After about an hour, the water starts coming out of the bathroom and kitchen faucets..........

My husband goes back downstairs and, we have a Yankee basement, which is basically a hole with dirt floor for the boiler, etc, and the floor is covered in mud. He uses the wet vac to suck it up, but now we can't carry the wet vac up the stairs cause it's too damn heavy. As I said, this is basically a pit, so there are no outside doors. He patches the leak temporarily and leaves the wet vac in the basement. We have to call a plumber on Monday.

Now the water pressure in the kitchen is bad, both hot and cold. Pump is working, so who the hell knows whats wrong.

Anyway, my daughter has a head cold, which explains why she's been wired the past few days. She always gets freaky before she gets sick. We couldn't find any other flavor of decongestant and the roads have been undrivable for the past 6 hours. We're expecting 14".

Right now, there's a lull in the snow. We have about 8" now and then freezing rain and snow are going to start to fall and the winds are going to be 35 mph, which they are calling for "blizzard-like" conditions tonight into tomorrow AM. It's supposed to stop by noon tomorrow, but wind chills are going to be 0 to -9 below.

So, I really got no crocheting done, my daughter is bored. Her dad did take her outside for a little today and tomorrow we'll build a snowman, but not the day I had envisioned when I thought "snow day".

We're making homemade chicken gumbo soup tonight-----maybe that'll help.

I want to give a shout to Sutty to let her know I'm thinking of her.

Happy Birthday to Elizabeth and to her Sweetie Petie (tomorrow). Hope you guys have a great weekend!!



Hunny said...

Wow what a day!! I hope that tomorrow is going to be better for you and that your water starts working. We are expecting like 2 feet here and I would say that we are up to a foot by now. I am not to far from you so I am sure that we will both be experiencing the same storm!! I will have to get some pictures of my street.

Natalie said...

Hope all works out well with the water stuff - our snow finally stopped here just under 1ft, hope the ice isn't too bad there!

Marvie said...

I'm sorry you had a crappy day =( Hope the little one feels better soon and your basement doesn't turn into a swamp! Sending out some positive energies for ya! {{Hugs}}

Anonymous said...

Hi it's me Rosesandtea (Karen). I hope you survive the weekend! Can you get your dd to suck on an icepop (by whatever name!) to dull her tastebuds so she can take the meds that you do have?
Hope the plumbing is not too expensive to fix!

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