Monday, January 17, 2005

Monday, Monday

Well the weekend flew by, like it usually does and I don't think really anything got done. I have been working on a felted bucket bag. I must say, the bag looks huge and very "wompy". It uses about 12 ounces of wool, so I hope it goes well. I will post pics once it has been felted (before and after pics).

I also have to finish my petite bag some time today(I hope). Don't feel real motivated today. It's very cold here and my dd is at my mother's and I just feel like vegging.

Once these bags are done, I am almost out of wool. I may have enough to do a felted hat, but we'll see. I need small, fast projects so I don't feel like I'm doing the same thing over and over again.

I did get some eBay yarn in last week, which I want to wind, but my dd loves to do it, so again, putting it off.

I won't post a pic because I intend to send some to me Secret Pal, once I know who she is!

The RAOK list is getting big now, we received our "hot topic" chili pepper. Now it gets tough to read through them. I did go through a couple and will send a few items out this week.

I am also sending Sutty out some wool and a pattern to try it on her own. She'll love it, I know. It's like magic!!!

My husband called me from work this AM with a surprise. He booked a cruise for us, my dd and my mother the end of September to Bermuda for 5 nights. I'm excited, but hope to lose some of the weight I gained the past year from me medication. I also will need summer clothes since I mostly wear jean shorts and t-shirts. Summer dresses too. At least I won't have to buy the summer clothes in the winter. Now, hopefully my new med will help me go off the steroids and then lose some weight. I feel as "wompy" as my bag I'm trying to make!!

Well, I should run and actually "do something" around here--



noricum said...

Thanks for being an organizer on the wish list! (I'm going to e-mail you for addresses soon.)

I hope you have a fun cruise! I've never been on one, but I bet it's fun! Good luck losing the weight... hopefully different meds will help. (I'm having trouble getting my weight to where I'd like it to be, but then I'm also on two meds that can cause weight gain.)

Sutty's Crochet Blog said...

Cool Deneen thanks sooo much I can't wait to get it. I think that is soooo nice of you hubby to take you on a cruise. Wow is all I can think of. Sutty

Trish said...

Ooh, a cruise!!! Lucky gal!!!!!!! I've never been on one. You'll lose the weight, you have motivation :)

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