Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Let it snow!!

Well, it's snowing here. The wet, heavy stuff that sticks and makes this slick. Of course, this is just the teaser. Supposedly, we are getting anywhere from 6-12" of the stuff Saturday into Sunday. It couldn't be so bad, but it's so damn cold here! Wind chills are below 0 and my dd wants to play outside!!

A pic will follow----------

Salt trucks are already out (for all you Southerners, it's like the one truck per state ya'll have that spits that orange dirt out when it snows the one time every 10 years) I got stuck about 15 years ago in a 12" snowstorm in North Carolina along I-95 on my way to Ft Lauderdale. I never saw so many people who could not drive in the snow. I was in Florida for 2 weeks and on the way home, there were still trucks on the side of I-95 and the school were just opening up again. Freaked me out!!!


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