Monday, January 31, 2005

Just Another Manic Monday

Am I aging myself with the title of this entry or what??????

What a busy, hectic week I have planned. Today I have a gyn appointment while my daughter is as school (or as my hh puts it Dr. Jellyfinger), which I hate more than anything in the whole wide world!. Then I have to take my mother to a doctor appointment late this afternoon, which means I bring my dd with me.

Thursday, I have to take my mother to a different doctor appointment and Friday I have a rheumatology appointment with my other specialist in Philly. This appointment is at 9:30 AM and because of traffic going into Philadelphia, I'll have to leave at 8:00 AM. My daughter is NOT a morning person, so getting her ready is going to be an all out battle. Plus, he's the type of doctor, if you have a 9:30 appointment, you wait two hours in the waiting room til 11:30 before you see him. The price you pay for expertise. I don't trust the therapy my doctor down here is doing and want a second opinion from the expert. I only see the Philly doc twice a year cause it's such a pain in the ass getting there. The new meds the doctor down here has me on are working great, but I am not sure about his diagnosis versus the one in Philly. In my next life, I wanna be a just have to guess what's wrong, it's an inexact science.

On the crochet front, I am busy working on my Poncho Swap partners poncho. I am excited about the colors and pattern and hope she'll be happy. I also want to start winding up some other yarn I have, but just haven't been motivated enough to do it.

I am busy preparing my swap partners first package. I am excited about this because I gave it a lot of thought and hope she'll be happy.

I also was able to send out three more RAOK packages on Saturday. I've been discussing some of the "non-crochet" items some people requested with my husband and he offered to pick some of the stuff up. He really is such a sweetie.

I tried my InguniTea contraption yesterday and it is wonderful. I have a Bodum pot, but hate cleaning out the stem part once the leaves sit in it. This is convenient, easy to clean and I get one nice hot cup at a time. I tried one of my black teas yesterday and it was delish......

Gotta run, I hear my dd thumping down the stairs.............



DAWN said...

Hhhmmm, Dr. Jellyfinger--that's disgusting, really. The one good thing is it will be over in a matter of minutes and you don't have to do it for a whole year!
Hope all goes well with the specialist.

ThreeOliveMartini said...

i hope every thing goes well for you today .. hmm winding yarn? are you winding "designer exclusive yarn?" lol..

Annie said...

I love my ingenuitea too--but I definitely want to make some sort of a cozy for it, especially for some of the teas that need to steep for more than five minutes. Got any ideas on how? I can knit and crochet, so I kind of envision some sort of a trapezoid with a seam... Good luck with the gyn appt. At least those (usually) only come once a year.

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