Friday, January 21, 2005

It's freezing again!

If you look at my little Weather Pixie you will see she's smiling and the temp is 16 degrees. The blue skies and her happy face is hiding the fact that IT IS FREAKING COLD HERE! Even my guinea hen food was frozen together this AM. The birds have made a house in an old doghouse. I have to get to the feedstore for some hay for them. I said I would not get attached to them, but of course I have.

I found out the link I had for the shawl I am working on is down. So, I changed it in the post. Thanks for letting me know Marie. This shawl is taking longer than I thought since it uses a smaller hook (I). I usually use larger hooks, but it seems to be working out well.

A snowstorm is predicted for tomorrow into Sunday. Of course, my daughter is beyond thrilled. Has all her gear ready and waiting. I don't mind the snow, of course, I don't have to really go anywhere during the day and drive in it. I'm not really into the playing in it, but last year I actually got snow boots and some other outside gear. I know how important it is to my daughter, so it's gotta be important to me too.

Gonna run now and do some laundry------

Hugs and keep warm!!!!

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Hunny said...

We are getting that storm on Saturday too!! So I guess that we will be stuck in the house!! I am hoping to get some crocheting done! I am still working on the socks!! and my ripple of course!!

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