Thursday, January 06, 2005

Finally figuring it all out!

I'm finally figuring out this HTML crap on my blog--after many trials and errors. Thank you to Donna, Marvie and Beth

Okay, now I'm just showing off to myself!!

I haven't posted because I have been extremely busy. The Wish List at Crochetville has taken off like a rocket! E-mails have been coming in like crazy.

I'm trying to finish a few projects by the end of this month for my brother to take to his in-laws in China, trying to finish my Hat Swap hat, which was frogged three freaking times and I'm still not thrilled with it. I will make the soldier hats, but then that's it for hats for a long time. Hate crocheting with those small hook and in the round--My hats always come out too small or too and I check my gauge.

I am also going to try to finish something else by a February 1 deadline. Oh and shoot, I have another scarf to do by the end of this month. This is worse then Christmas for me.

My dd had a little tummy virus yesterday and I think she gave it to me--last time I harp on her about sharing. I have PMS and have had it for the past two weeks, so I'm feeling completely shitty and out of sorts today. Tons of laundry to do and some cleaning up. I actually feel overwhelmed, which is rare for me.

So why am I on the damn computer you ask? I don't know, avoiding the chaos. I will probably not be on for the rest of the afternoon, too much to do and by putting it off, it just piles up and still has to be done.

I hate to bore you with my trivial problems, but my husband is sick of hearing about them!!

Love you all

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Marvie said...

Dennen you aren't boring us! I'm sorry you feel shitty, hope you feel better soon. PMS blows, I'm just feelin the twinges of it already. I was a very bad mama and stole the kiddo's christmas m&m's cuz I HAD to have some chocolate lol.

I bet your inbox has been jammed, I know mine has! I sent so many messages I got locked out for the rest of the night. I'm hoping... k just checked it must roll over at midnight or something. It told me I was at my limit for the last 24 hours lol. It let me send just now though so I'm back in business. Might have to set up another account, or use one of the ones I have if this keeps up =)

{{Hugs}} Get some rest if ya can hun. At least try not to overdo it ok? Can't have ya gettin all sick on us now! ;)

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