Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Felted Bucket Bag-Done

This is the felted bucket bag from the pattern I bought from

It used about 10 ounces of yarn. I did use a corker to make the straps and attached them before felting. I think they shrunk a little more than preferred. I'll have to get a toggle or button to make a closure on it. I'm not crazy about open bags. I could always use it as a crochet tote though..................

I have enough wool left to do this hat, then I'm gonna work on other stuff for a while.

The felting is like magic though--

Anyway, I'll take a break til I can afford some more wool. That hand painted wool is absolutely gorgeous, if I got my hands on that.......hmmmm

I am also debating the whole drop spindle/roving thing. Can I afford yet another hobby--I know it's still for crocheting, but it is another part of it in itself. Plus, I'll want to start carding it etc, which could cost me a ton in supplies to start---

Damn, I wanna do it, but should I...................................

I'll leave you with this for tonight.


Natalie said...

Decisions, decisions... spinning would be alot of fun tho!!

I love your bucket bag - what brand of wool did you use? It fulled up so nicely!

Deneen said...

I used Bear Brand Wool. I won a lot of it off of eBay last year. Stuff comes in hanks and is a pain in the ass to roll, but it felts up well after two washings. The Paton's Merino Wool felts beautifully after one cycle, but it is thinner yarn.

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