Saturday, January 29, 2005

Crochetville Poncho/Shawl Swap!

I finally got the name of my swap partner for the swap and am so excited!!! I wanted to make it a surprise, but I had to contact her because I wanted to do a particular poncho I had never done and wanted her feedback on length, size, etc. So Cathey (Emeraldmoon), I'm gonna get started this afternoon! I am so psyched about this new pattern! I won't say which it is cause I want to surprise her and if I total f**k it up, I can make another and no one will ever know(LOL)!

I have to get a haircut today, hopefully get to the post office to mail out a few RAOK packages.

Ohhh, my Adagio tea came in via Fed Ex this AM (I live in Jersey, where their located so it's fast). I received the Inginutea (cool little brewing cup) and the black tea sampler, along with a sample of their Valentine's tea (which smells like chocolate covered cherries). Now, I'm not a flavored tea fan, but I'll give it a try. Thanks to Stacey from the RAOK ring for the certificate. Of course, I ended up spending another $20.00 on tea instead of YARN, but I guess there is more to life than yarn (ya think???).

I also received another certificate from Andrea at Crochetville, so I'm saving that for my reorder and you know there will be one! Thanks Andrea!

All for now, I've been on long enough



DAWN said...

Oh, ya big tease! I'm waiting on my tea order. I got the Valentine special with the chocolate tea. I love chocolate and tea and thought "oh, the two of them together...why not?"


Natalie said...

I love Adagio... am working on their greens right now, but my fave is the caramel - I'd recommend it for your reorder!

Joy said...

Hey you lovely tea fairy! Thanks so much for the certificate, it was such an incredibly sweet thing for you to do! I can't wait to use it! *hugs*

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