Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Brrrrrrrr......It's Cold Here!!

I can't believe it. Last Friday, it was 70 degrees and I had on short sleeves outside. This morning is like 18 degrees with windchills of below zero. Normally, I wouldn't care much, but having to wait at the bus stop with my dd is chilling!!

To make matters worse, I still haven't made myself a winter hat. I keep putting it off, but want to make a hat like I made my Hat Swap partner at Crochetville

Anyway, my guinea hens are always looking for food cause the ground is frozen. They are at my side door squawking half the morning. I finally gave up and left em a big ol pile of corn, hope they're happy now and are at least quiet for an hour this morning.

I'm finishing up my bucket bag to get it ready to felt. I'm "corking" the straps now and am growing tired of that damn corker. At least I found a use for a spare Boye hook I had laying around. It works as a perfect hook for the corker! I decided to attach the straps BEFORE I wash it and hope it works.

Not much else to report..............

Oh, Marvie has made up a great little "cheat sheet" for HTML and blogging for any of you C'ville gals that need help.It's easy and simple to use.

I would love to hear from anyone using a drop spindle---curious how it's working out............

All for now---


Sutty's Crochet Blog said...

Oh Deneen I mailed you something Friday be looking for it. Sutty

Marvie said...

I'd love to tell you all about using a drop spindle, but mine hasn't arrived yet =(

Sorry about your cold snap! Bundle up good in the mornin'!

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