Monday, December 13, 2004


We had a whirlwind weekend and got a lot accomplished!!

First, on Firday, my hh had a new stove and new dishwasher delivered. I've had a dishwasher before (at our last house), but this house didn't have one and it's very hard to get used to hand washing dishes once you have a dishwasher. The new stove was for both of us and has convection also. He said not to count it as Christmas presents, just as a "just because" presents!! Cool or what!!????

Next, we actually got all of my dd Christmas gifts rapped, no small feat!! I also got her toyroom cleaned out--leaps and bounds!!

I finished all my recent crochet projects I wanted to for Christmas, but have a hat added on for my brother. Of course, I started other stuff just to have some sort of WIP.

My dd has a bad cold so I'm keeping her home from school today to rest up. She has her family birthday party on Saturday, school cupcakes for her party on the 21st, and then Christmas the next weekend. She is soooo pumped up. I am so excited too and can't wait to see her face on Christmas morning! Of ocurse, we overdid it, but so what!

I am going to do my list of 100 things about me sometime this week and also want to have a post just about C'ville's Wish List!!! What an awesome bunch of people!!

At rebeccav's request, Christmas tree pic is also posted. Note the red garland (I know, I know I need more!!!)



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Trish said...

WOW, that stove is AMAZING!!!!! WE just got a new dishwasher too!!! doesn't it feel good :) WTG on your projects!!!! Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend!!!!!! Thank you for the beautiful yarn. I don't know what I'll use it for but I'll find something, it certainly is luxurious!!!!! I've never owned anything so nice!!! :)

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