Friday, December 10, 2004

Rainy Days Suck's 7:30 AM and it's raining like hell here AGAIN. It's been raining everyday cept Wednesday. Today, my new dishwasher and stove are being delivered. Gifts from my hubby who was tired of washing dishes every weekend.

100 Things about me list: I am going to do one of these, as seen on Princess Trish's blog and Marvie's blog. I just need the uninterupted time to sit down and actually compose it. Mmmmm...maybe Monday AM.

Tomorrow we have a "Breakfast with Santa", which will thrill my baby cause she's been bugging me for over a week to see Santa.

On the crocheting front, finally finished that damn poncho (LOL), well at least the body is done and stitched together. Now all the trim has to be done, which takes just as long as the actually work. I will post the pic, as well as th other poncho I did last week. Both are Christmas presents.

On the Wish List front: I was able to grant six wish list wishes this week. I only wish I could get to everybody. I'm trying, still two weeks til Christmas!!!

Buttons: Soon (again, when I can sit uninterupted) I will post links with other website buttons on my blog. Donna (Yarn Tomato) has been my private teacher on this front and has been so gracious and helpful. I can't thank her enough.

All for now, laundry calls and the baby will be up raring to go very soon.

Sunshine and smiles!!!

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