Friday, December 17, 2004

Poncho for me!!

Well, I finally did it! First time I ever made something for myself!! I used the yarn I purchased from Fiber Options on eBay. This is a super chunky 300 ypp homespun type yarn.

Instructions are: Using a Q hook, crochet a rectangle measuring 17 x 34" (start with the chain for the 34"). I did this by alternating rows of hdc and dc. Repeat alternating rows til piece measures 17"wide. Next Row: (Horizontal Section of Poncho) This is like an "L" shape.

Measure 17" across the long part of the rectangle and mark with a stitch marker or pin. continue crocheting from this point to the end of the original rectangle. Make this rectangle 34" long. Do not fasten off, but leave a 24" tail to sew seam.

NEXT STEPS: Fold poncho into triangular shape as outlined below:
1. Lay out poncho on a flat surface so that it forms an “L” shape.
2. Fold VERTICAL section in half lengthwise so that short ends meet.
3. Fold in HORIZONTAL SECTION to meet VERTICAL SECTION. This is where your seam will be.If the "V" neckline is not even, add a few more rows til even.

Use a flat finish technique to sew up seam. Then, using a M hook, do six rows of sc around the neckline to form a scoop. also do a row of sc around entire bottom hem of poncho. Be sure not to make the stitches too close, or it will bunch.

Using an "L" hook, make a chain long enough to weave around neckline as a tie.

This only took me about 3 hours total to make!!

This is a nice weight (Used about 23 ounces of yarn!) very warm and soft!!

Any questions, don't hesitate!!


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Trish said...

YAYAYAYA, doesn't it feel good to make something for yourself!!! We should be rewarded too!!! :) It's beautiful and looks so comfortable!

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