Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I am such a dork!!!

Hopefully, you'll see my button here (if I did it right). I'm telling you, I thought I was sooo smart til it came to this stuff. Thank you Donna/Yarn tomato for all your help, totally appreciated.

I got some books from the library, kids books on publishing a web page and bought some software off of eBay with graphics. Soon I'll have crashed my whole computer, but what fun and frustration I had doing it!!

I wanna be a compuer geek---I can't stand not knowing how to do something.......

Anyway, yesterday was a day of running around, doctor appointments, etc. Not much crocheting done.

Today, I will work on a scarf, that damn poncho (the bane of my existence now) and I have started working on some Christmas Garland and it is sooo cool. I can't find any more Caron Christmas Garland,so I posted on Crochetville hoping to find some.

I am sending out some Christmas Wish List Stuff today and am excited about it.

I keep changing my wish list in my head---still want what I listed, but some Turn of the Century hooks in L,M would be cool. Stash yarn is always cool!! Almost all of my wants are crochet related and that makes it hard for my hubby or anyone to understand!

Anyway, my heater guy is here (I forgot completely about him coming), shit!

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Donna said...

You're very welcome, Deneen! I'm glad I could help. :-)

Nope, your crochet-related wants are not hard for us to understand! ;-)

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