Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Another rainy day.......

Argh!! It's raining again today. I am so tired of the rain. It feels more like April than December!

After bragging that I was almost done all my crochet gifts for the holidays, my aunt called last night and said she wanted to drop off some gifts this morning for Christmas. Of course, I hadn't finished (or even started) her husband's scarf. I'm still only halfway through. I may have to mail it to her (She lives about 45 miles away). I AM FEELING THE PRESSURE

Still working on that damn poncho that I had to half frog. Actually, haven;t looked at it since then, but it keeps peeking out at me menacingly from my WIP bag.

I still have to do my holiday baking--a job I hate. Don't ask me why, but baking with a 5 year old is not really any fun. Okay, I'll tell you why (since I know you're begging to hear). It is 5 times the work. Someone has to get her little hands in the mixing bowl, crack the eggs, add the ingredients, partially stir, scoop the cookies onto the pan, etc. Then I have to clean her up and escort her into the living room so I can repeair the cookies. I can't let her see the repairs because she gets all upset I didn't like her cookies.

Anyway, I also still have some candles to make. I started all my projects for the holidays this summer so I wouldn't have the rush, but yet I still do. I guess I need the pressure.

Cute story: Last night, my dd gave me a big kiss and told me "she was falling in love with me" (I don't know where she gets that phrase from, all she watches is PBS, Nick, Disney (gotta be from Disney)). Anyway, she told me she wishes I was a boy, then she could marry me! She's a character for sure.

All for now....time stands still for no one


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Angie said...

Tiny suggestion start Christmas stuff in Jan. lol I even start buying the store bought gifts then and most of the time done by Oct.

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